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Our region, our history and our commitments make up our DNA.

Bordeaux vineyard, Entre-Deux-Mers terroir

Bordeaux is crossed by the Garonne and Dordogne rivers. The region between them is called the Entre-Deux-Mers. The largest wine-growing region in Bordeaux, it has a temperate maritime climate, and is made up of a rich clay-limestone subsoil, highly suitable for growing vines.


Vines have been planted in the region since the Roman era. It was only from the 16th century that properties appeared, as we know them today. It was during this same period that Saint Vincent of Saragossa became famous as the patron saint of winegrowers. Since then, each Saint Vincent’s Day (22 January) has been an unmissable date for winegrowers, who come together to start the winter work in the vineyard and honour their Saint. The Entre-Deux-Mers is dotted with Romanesque churches and fortified towns or “bastides”, built during the second half of the 13th century. They offer our villages charisma, and the memory of a Franco-English past. For a long time, these Missions were gathering places for winegrowers. Our structure was born in 1980, resulting from the wish to pool our know-how from the cultivation of the vine through to vinification, to produce wine expressing the richness of AOP Bordeaux. Natives of the Entre-Deux-Mers, daughters and sons of the vine, together we have named our wine “Mission Saint Vincent” to pay tribute to our traditions and values.

Committed production from the vine to the glass.

A quality system to uphold the requirements of AOP Bordeaux

Since 1980, we have been committed to consistently high-quality production, drawing the best from each vintage. We watch over our vines and cellars all year round, to best prepare the future vintage.

We have a wide range of AOP Bordeaux wines. Whether they are red, rosé, dry white, sweet white or crémant, our wines meet the quality requirements of the AOP: density of plantation, choice of grape varieties, type of vinification, ageing, bottling.

For more information please see the website link You will find there all the information concerning this quality charter.

The vines are cultivated on clay-limestone plots in the Entre-Deux-Mers terroir. They thus benefit from a temperate oceanic climate influenced by the two rivers, with their tides rising every day.

On Saint Vincent’s Day, 22 January, the vines are pruned to welcome the first buds, then tended throughout the growing cycle, in order to preserve the berries.

At the end of September, we harvest the grapes by machine, which allows us to separate the berries from the stems and recover the best that the vine has to offer.

In the autumn, the cellar masters carry out the vinification, adapted to suit the vintage.

Our oenologists then make the blend, specific depending on the colour of the wine.

Respect for the environment

we are committed to the sustainable management of our vineyard. We practise integrated viticulture on our properties, according to two standards: High Environmental Value and Agriculture Biologique (organic).


Organised as a cooperative, we pool our investments, work as a team, share our production tool. Our decision-making system is fair, based on the principle of one man – one vote. Our complementarity means that all players can excel in their field and at all stages in the production of our cuvée